Keeping Organized in Your Off Campus Apartment

off campus apartment university of delawareLife at the University of Delaware is a busy time for most students. It is easy to become overwhelmed by school work and social activities.  Here are two simple ways to help stay organized in your off campus apartment.

Know What's Coming:  The first thing that you should make sure you have is a calendar.  This can be as simple as the app on your phone or even a large paper calendar that you hang on the kitchen wall or in the private bedroom of your apartment.   Noting your tests, assignments and social events on a calendar as soon as you find about them will help you balance school and time with friends. Seeing the assignments on your calendar every day will be a nice reminder of what you have accomplished and what is coming up.    Use the calendar to find time to decompress.  Taking time to relax is important. To balance the stress of school, set aside some time during your busy days to relax.  A quiet spot in your apartment like the loft or the bedroom are a great place to have some alone time.  Just listening to some of your favorite music or watching movies over WiFi.

Keep It Neat: The last thing you want after a long day is to come home to a messy apartment. Take a little time each week to pick up and have everything ready for the coming week.  This is a great opportunity to multi-task.  With a washer and dryer in your apartment you can do your laundry and tidy up the kitchen without wasting time visiting the laundramat.  


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