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The Waiver Program

We've made a change to your Renter's Insurance lease requirement. We've simplified it!

In a commitment to enhance the protection of every College Town Communities resident, a change has been made to our previous requirement that every resident MUST have their own individual Renter’s Insurance policy.  In place of that requirement, each resident will be automatically enrolled in our NEW Waiver Program.  The Waiver Program is an insurance program that will provide College Town Communities a more complete and comprehensive coverage against costs associated with resident negligence.  In turn, the Waiver Program will also provide each resident and their guests with guaranteed protection against their potential negligent or accidental behavior while living with College Town Communities. 


Under The Waiver Program, you pay $13.75 per installment, in addition to your rental payment and we waive our right to seek reimbursement from you for up to $100,000 for damage to our property from fire, smoke, explosions, water, sewer back-up or falling objects when such damage is caused by the negligent action or inaction of you or your guests.


  • Automatic and immediate coverage upon move-in.

  • No deductible for any covered damage.

  • No paperwork for an insurance claim.

  • No additional third-party monthly bills to pay.

The table provided below is intended to give you a quick understanding of the primary differences between an individual renter’s insurance policy and College Town Communities NEW Waiver Program.


Waiver Program Vs. Renter's Insurance

Residents identifying a need for certain coverages that the Waiver Program may not provide should consult with their insurance agent. 

All residents will receive a formal lease addendum in their resident portal recognizing this change.  This addendum will need to be signed prior to moving in.

Click here for a printable version of the chart above College Town Communities Waiver Program.

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